What is Home Textile?


Home Textile refers to the clothes and fabrics that are used in homes either for utility or for decoration as home furnishing. Home textiles not only make your house comfortable but also add beauty and aesthetics to it as well. Wherever you look in a house, you will find something that would be used as a decoration or for functional purpose and which is made of any kind of fabric, you are looking at a home textile product.

There are different types of fabrics that are used in manufacturing the home textile products. Some of them are natural and others are manmade, like cotton, jute, silk, nylon, rayon, wool, etc. Sometimes these fabrics are blended together to increase their strength and durability.

The home textiles are used in every part of your house. For example, in your bedroom, you can find bed covers, pillows, carpets. Or in your kitchen, you will see table and cleaning cloths, aprons, napkins. Or even in your bathrooms, you will find mats, shower curtains, bathrobes etc.